Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Day

I read a lot of other people's blogs and really enjoy them.  I also wish at times they would post more, but it occurred to me that it may be a chore.  So I wanted to experience that, and say what I am up to.  It may not be thrilling but it is my life these days, and I am of an age where I don't want thrilling anymore, I want satisfying.

Briefly, I have had a terrible year, although over all I would say I am a contented and happy person.  Last year both my parents died, and another close relative.  My cat died and my dog got old and we put her down.  So I had a massive melt-down and decided to take some time and get my life back where I want it.  I was completely stressed over all this happening in a seven month period.  I have to say I have great family and friends and that has made everything better.

I am knitting Aidez for the second time.  I frogged the first one because the sleeves were too tight. I redid the sleeves initially, which was really hard because I am easily bored with my own activities.  After I finished the new sleeves and tried them on, the back seemed too tight as well.  So I started over.  And the reason is because I love the yarn so much, it is Blue Sky Alpaca's Organic Cotton, so soft and wonderful that it makes this sweater bound to be one of my favorites.  So that is what is motivating me.

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